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Beamhouse Process

We use Enzymatic process Soaking and Liming which possess the following benefits over the conventional process:

  • Low impact to environment.
  • Fine grain with better cleaning of pelt as compared to conventional process.
  • Wrinkle free leather.
  • More uniform handle with compact characteristics.

Tanyard Process

We use the following process for Deliming and Bating:

  • Advanced low ammonium based system
  • Advanced degreasing with lipase system

Advantages of advanced technologies

  • Less ammonium load on effluent
  • More finer and compact grain

Wet White Process

We use aldehyde based process as indicated below which possess the following advantages over other processes.


  • Metal free tannage (free formaldehyde tannage)
  • Chrome free tannage
  • Veg tannage


  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Less pollution load on effluent
  • Less pollution load on environment

Pickle & Tanning Process

We use following processes for pickling / tanning which possess advantage over conventional (sulphuric acid) process.


  • Advanced low salt pickle system
  • Advanced high exhaust chrome tanning


  • Loss salt load on effluent
  • Less acids as compared to conventional system
  • Less chrome wastage
  • Less water consumption
  • More compact wetblue
  • Less energy consumption

Dyeing Process

We use the following processes for dyeing with following advantages:

  • Hydrophobic system (Maeser flexes, Bally penetrometer)
  • Auto dosing system
  • Polymer based softening system
  • Compact dyeing / crusting system
  • Biodegrade chemicals system


  • Pull up based articles
  • American lifestyle


Our finishing process yields the following advantages over conventional processes.

  • Water based system
  • Low VOC system
  • Efficient spray system
  • Italian Carti Gato finishing system