From its early origins as a trader of rawhides in the agricultural region of Punjab, KTM Leather (Pvt) Limited, was incorporated in 1935, twelve years before the establishment of Pakistan as an independent country.  Being a pioneer of the leather industry in Pakistan, the tannery also became the foundation stone for the Mahmood Group of Industries, which has gradually evolved to be one of the largest industrial and commercial groups in Pakistan.

The tannery produces a wide range of leathers from the rawhide to the crust and finished stages, both in Cow and Buffalo, all ethically sourced from the prime agricultural regions of the country. KTM leathers are shipped to all major regions of the world, and are used in the production of bags, footwear, upholstery, leather belts and accessories, as well as being supplied to a wide range of other leather consuming industries.

Having achieved LWG Silver status and with ongoing annual investments in plant and machinery to both increase our production efficiencies and at the same time minimize our environmental footprint, our ultimate goal and vision is to supply leading brands around the world with technically superior leathers based upon 100% traceability (current traceability: 93.2%) in a completely eco-friendly manner. KTM established state-of-the-art European waste water treatment plant that enables us to completely recycle all of our production components, both liquid and solid.  Furthermore, we completed expansion of our integrated physical and chemical testing lab, and is the most modern facility of its kind in the Pakistan leather industry.

Together with our global family of international sales associates, and under the stewardship and guidance of the 4th generation of our family, KTM is eagerly anticipating the expansion of its business during coming decades, and in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


“Be a brand behind the brand”


“Value-add raw hides with ecological sustainable tanning as an absolutely bio-degradable product and supply it globally to green brands while providing value, innovation and just in time logistics.”

Group Info

Mahmood Group is a successful business empire that focuses on creating value for its stakeholders and giving back to society. MG believe that strategically aligned sustainability framework has led to the diversification of businesses starting from vertically integrated textile and tannery set-up to power, food, trading and real estate industries. MG’s presence in more than 70 countries has gained a competitive advantage over-dependence on the Chinese market for exports.

Mahmood Group is a perfect example of a multi-faceted business empire strengthened with core values to serve, innovate and lead. MG’s strong business model; automation, advancement, consistency, and credibility requires a passion for innovation and growth. Mahmood Group is striving hard to create shared value by ensuring long term success of the business while serving for the society through various social projects.

Director’s Message

Leather is a beautiful and naturally self-sustaining material which has been serving humanity since its inception. Leather making is an ancient art that has been practiced for more than 7,000 years, and has positively impacted our lives in various ways. Leather has continuously reshaped itself as the technology has advanced, facilitating humans in basic ways such as hides for primitive tents, clothing, armor, saddlery & bridle leathers for horses, to providing comfort in furniture, automotive & aviation seating, as well as both practical and bespoke leather accessories. Being one of the most flexible natural materials, leather has artistically merged with other materials for traditional footwear bottomed with leather soles; in both casual and dress shoes, and also for safety boots made with direct injection resulting in a durable product. Leather has always remained a valuable material since its inception.

KTM is one of the oldest advocates in our industry for animal welfare & has created strict supply chain regulations for its hide suppliers in terms of traceability, which helps KTM achieve 93.6% in physical traceability in LWG certification. Having sustainability at its core and greener production as foundation pillars, our KTM team have always worked in reducing our carbon footprint by innovating various ways in which to reduce water & energy use; and ensure zero discharge of hazardous chemicals (ZDHC) as well as the re-use of the entire treated water within its production. To ensure sustainability at its core, KTM is highly compliant in all aspects including the environment, management and testing standards.

Innovation has always remained a key central point at KTM for more than 8 decades. Having a philosophy of “Transforming nature into eternal beauty” at KTM, research & development is implemented on an ongoing basis in creating new leather products for every season.

KTM has continuously worked hand in hand with designers of leading brands throughout the world to bring new trendy products to market on a regular basis, and re crafting our raw materials into new textures & sensations – which is at the core of our development.

KTM undertakes to make the best use of its Human Capital base. KTM has developed a comprehensive and interactive approach towards its employees, and transforms their creativity into professional excellence. KTM has also put a robust focus upon its overall control environment, ranging from developing entity level controls to operational / activity level controls which have been backed by a team of experienced professionals and a sound ERP system. KTM is currently using the latest version of Oracle ERP i.e. R-12.2.9 & is in the implementation phase of Antara PRO. KTM believes in returning back to the community, and actively participates in business practices that produce an overall positive impact on society and the environment.

Having a presence in 54 countries, KTM has built a family relationship based on working together through generations of international associates, and has now evolved as an innovation hub developing products for diverse markets and cultural patterns. KTM has been a strategic partner for many brands throughout the world and has been developing partners for some renowned names as well. Backed by the financial strength of the Mahmood Group and now with the 4th generation of experience, KTM always invests in upgrading its premises, and creating value for its customers and community.

KTM is looking forward to a more sustainable future and greener process development while serving the community for all its stake holders with the very best materials. KTM focus in future is to create value innovation for its entire supply chain.

Muhammad Mehr Ali