Raw Material

Raw Hides

In order to meet increasing demand of our leathers, streamline production and for smooth deliveries KTM focus to secure its supply line of raw material both locally & internationally. KTM owns a network of warehouses for raw hides in major cities all across Pakistan for maintaining an uninterrupted supply of quality raw material. Moreover KTM has been continuously sourcing Raw Hide and Wet-Blue from Turkey, USA, Brazil and Europe. We have established temperature controlled raw material shed in our tannery where hides can be stored for a long time without being putrefied.

Material Selection Policy

In leather industry quality of raw material is very important as it is the starting point of production of quality product. No matter how good all the production process is, if the raw hide doesn’t match the attributes of the leather to be produced, it’s simply not possible to make the desired article. For this reason the process of acquiring and evaluating the raw hides is specially designed to let only the material which fulfills the minimum standards make its way to the raw hide department for further processing. The raw material is purchased from vendors specially selected vendors. The hides which fulfills the minimum criteria of weight and size are taken for inspection and final selection. All the hides are thoroughly inspected and selected on the basis of articles to be produced using those hides.

Selection Policy

Inspection before Desalting:

Size: Required Size as per Article
Thickness: Required thickness to avoid chemical wastage
Surface Condition/ Look/ Appearance: Should look fresh and clean (Buy best raw hides available)
Smell & Hair slip: Putrefied hides are forwarded to gelatin producers

Inspection after Desalting:

  • The extracted salt is reprocessed to be reused.
  • The hides are inspected again