Quality Control

Quality being one of the things KTM has never compromised on. Maintaining quality in leather is harder than even producing it. In order to make only the best product, we have implemented strict measures to ensure that the leather is checked and inspected at every step so that our customer only get the best product. Even slight mismatch in color or defect in leather can raise the alarm so the leather with the required quality and properties can make it through further in the manufacturing process.

Grain and size of leather is thoroughly inspected at all these stages:

  • Raw Hide
  • Liming
  • Wet blue
  • Crust
  • Finish
  • Final QC Check before dispatch

The following parameters are checked for the Leather being produced:

  • Physical Inspection
  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Testing

Leather & Environmental Testing Laboratory

Testing of leather comprises of chemical and physical or performance tests. Since leather is a non-homogeneous material, its quality is mainly judged on the basis of performance tests. The main objective of chemical testing of leather is the qualitative / quantitative analysis of eco-sensitive chemicals, which include some banned chemical compounds like Azo dyes, pentachlorophenol etc. Hence testing if leather involves verifying its performance through various physical tests and also ascertaining that the leather is environment friendly which is done through chemical tests.

KTM Leather and Environmental Testing Laboratory realizes the importance of testing leather and all the analyses are carries out as per various accepted international standards.