ERP System

Being a dynamic growing company, KTM has put a robust focus upon its overall control environment ranging from developing entity level controls to operational / activity level controls which have been backed by a team of experienced professionals and a sound ERP system.

KTM is using latest version of  ERP i.e. R-12.2.9 which is comprising General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management modules and other modules are in pipeline as well.

However, with respect to Production Module KTM has started implementation of Pro which is an internationally recognized world leader software in leather industry. Antara Pro will give KTM a further competitive edge over other industry players by giving an efficient control over leather traceability and cost efficiency.

Obviously, this investment yielded KTM in shape of increased human capital efficiency, increased inventory management efficiency, satisfactory relationship maintenance with customers and overall timely and accurate financial and allied reporting for better operational controls and timely decision making by higher management.

Being the core of any dynamic, growing and successful organization; we are satisfied with our control environment and determined to invest further to remain in line with rapid global changes.

Modules of our ERP System

Inventory Management
Our inventory management system handles everything from ordering and storing of raw materials and other items which are required for keeping the production running to shipping orders to customers. It aims to minimize holding costs by providing insight and alerts into when it’s time to reorder and restock and accordingly minimizing overheads and increase overall efficiency.

Human Resources
Our Human resource module automates and speeds-up all HR related challenges which includes Recruitment Management, Time Management, Human Resource Planning, Training Management and Business Trip Management.

Customer Relationship Management
CRM plays a basic role in attracting and retaining customers. It allows sales staff to accurately log and record sales activities from start to finish, ensuring active sales orders and potential leads are all tracked and allocated in the most efficient manner possible.

Operations Management
Operations management module provides a comprehensive platform for analyzing, supervising and managing most of the operational tasks. It provides one database where the data is collected and stored which can be easily accessed from any department at any time. It making the workflow run smoothly and evenly by automating various tasks including accounting, reporting, forecasting, invoicing and processing of payments.

Procurement Management
Procurement management module handles the process of identifying, shortlisting, selecting, and acquiring suitable goods or services or works from a third party vendor through a direct purchase,  competitive bidding, or tendering process while ensuring timely delivery in the right quality and quantity.

In leather industry, traceability is one of the most important features. It requires complete record of the origin of each skin which is produced and system should be able to tell all the details of vendor, size, grade etc. throughout the process from arrival in the factory to being shipped out to the customer.