Raw Hide Sourcing Wet Blue

In the leather Industry, instability in the raw material prices and availability are both major headaches in trying to match supply with delivery. The current situation in both pricing and availability – mixed with some dubious activities are going to mean tough times for raw material sourcing for the next few years. In order to meet increasing demand of our leathers, streamline production and for smooth deliveries KTM focus to secure its supply line of raw material locally & internationally. In 1971 KTM made setup of 14 company owned raw hide purchase godowns in major cities all across Pakistan. In later years by adding 13 more KTM now owns total 27 Godowns at different locations for Raw Hide Purchase making strongest control all around Pakistan. Moreover KTM has been continuously sourcing Raw Hide and Wet-Blue from Brazil, UK, France, Yemen, Madagascar, South Africa and Russian States. We are the pioneer in Pakistan setting up temperature controlled raw material shed in our tannery where hides can be stored for a long time without being putrefied.