Green Production Green Environment

We are also taking steps for ensuring greener production and a more environmentally friendly atmosphere in our tannery. Some of the steps are as follows:

  • Rawhide Salt quantity decreased by introducing Desalting Machines in the raw hide section.
  • Chrome Recycling Plant
  • Heat recovery system of boiler
  • Dust collection management system of Buffing
  • Green Shed for various purposes, including split stocks/waste stocks area
  • Secondary water treatment plant
  • Solar Water Heating System

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • AI-Masood welfare society was established to provide grants and interest free Loans
  • Financial help to needy workers & their families
  • KTM donates on regular basis for the welfare works at the jails, schools and hospitals of the local area with grants and special occasion arrangements.
  • Scholarships are also given to deserving students
  • Runs dialysis centre at Nlshtar Hospital Multan (One of the biggest hospitals In south Asia)
  • Runs water treatment plant in central city (Shamsabad) for providing purified water to the local community of that area.

Rahmat-Ul-Aloom a school chain that provides free education to 500 needy students.