International Fair Presence

As Khawaja Tanneries has world class product line up therefore to attract new customers and to give information about product line-ups we are exhibiting in all of the major leather fairs around the world for the last 10 years. Most famous fair in which our tannery is exhibiting on regular basis are as follows:

  • LINEAPELLE FAIR (Italy) April & October
  • ACLE (Shanghai China)
  • APLF (Hong Kong)
  • Le Cuir (Paris, France)
  • India

We also exhibit the newly developed articles from our R&D team for the seasons in the entire fair mentioned above.

Shoes Unit in Khawaja Tanneries Multan

In order to enhance vertical integration and to take advantage of rapid growth within the local consumer market due to a fast-growing middle class in Pakistan, Khawaja Tanneries got extremely interested in setting up a state-of-the-art shoe production facility. With a skilled local shoe manufacturing workforce, coupled with an ample supply of leather and other components, Khawaja Tanneries has fulfilled its commitment of making a substantial financial investment in the latest plant and equipment in order to ensure the success of this project. This shoe unit was established in year 2007 and now we are having capacity of 1000 pairs per day satisfying many local and international customers. This shoes unit is equipped with all the modern technology required in today’s world for making best quality of shoes. Our Shoe designs are made keeping in mind all the latest trends of local and foreign market. For making shoe design we work with following slogan,

“Do not buy design buy comfortability”