It gives me immense pleasure to describe to you the background of Mahmood Group of Industries. In 1935, a tannery in the name of Khawaja Tannery was set up in Multan by my father (late Khawaja Muzaffar Mahmood). He had vast experience in this field and was virtually a pioneer of this industry in Pakistan. The Company was incorporated in 1961, as a private limited company. Cotton ginning factories located in different parts of the country were also set up by him.

Pakistan emerged on the map of the world on 14th August 1947. At the dawn of independence there was no large scale industry worth the name and it was the utmost need of the time to establish more and more industries so as to make the country economically strong and to earn much needed foreign exchange for the development of the country. Keeping in mind this vision our Group has worked day and night to establish our goal of making it one of the best developed and fastest growing groups in Pakistan.

Khawaja Tanneries is under the supervision of the 4th generation of our family now and new blood is adding their expertise in the best possible manner. There was a time when we had the option for business expansion to go for either quantity or quality, and being a pioneer of this business in Pakistan we have chosen to make our brand the symbol of quality with the production 1.2 Million – 1.5 Million Sq. Ft per month. We at KTM personally believe that leather tanning is both art and science. KTM has taken the best of the brain tanning art tradition and added today’s business acumen to develop Khawaja Tanneries. A facility that turns the hides of Cow & Buffalo into crust and finished products with many uses.

I hope that after having this brochure in your hand, it will enable you to have detailed information about our equipment, the expertise that we currently have and the future vision of our Group to develop this core business of our family to be one of the best in the world.